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Jenny Kozlow | Childbirth Preparation Courses
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Childbirth Preparation Courses

Our courses include opportunities for decisión making. As parents, decisión making is one of your biggest responsabilities. The participants choose which of the topics they most want to learn about during their 14 hour course.


    All of our courses begin with this:

  • What constitutes a “good” birth?
  • And which type of birth is the best type for you?
  • What factors ultimately influence the birth you will have?


  1. Choosing what I decide is best to eat: weight gain, self image, lifestyle choices
  2. Creating an atmosphere for Growth: emotional well being, new feelings, a time to resolve conflicts and seek out harmonious relationships.
  3. Connecting with the miracle of the pregnant body: the beauty of the pelvis, the resilience of the perineum, movements that strengthen your back and abdomen.
  4. What is different now that Im expecting a baby? Common Discomforts and possible solutions.
  5. How long does pregnancy last? Let´s talk about your due date.


  1. What happens during labor?   Anatomy and the changes that occur during labor
  2. How long does labor usually last?
  3. How does fear affect labor? And what to do about it.
  4. How will I know Im in labor? The beginning of labor, common signs and recommendations. What does a contraction feel like? Let´s practice getting used to pain sensations.
  5. When is the best time to go in for a hospital check?
  6. What can I do to help my body progress better during labor? Positions for labor.
  7. What can I do to raise my pain threshold and feel “on top” of the contractions? Breathing and Relaxation Techniques.
  8. How can my partner help me be more relaxed and confident? Doula skills with emphasis on MASSAGE.
  9. What hospital procedures are most likely to be used during my labor? And what effect will they have on my baby.
  10. How can I prepare for the actual pushing stage, the moment of birth and meeting my baby?


  1. The “Sanctuary” Space, what your baby needs from you immediately after birth.
  2. Nurturing my baby in every possible way: Breastfeeding , getting started
  3. Nurturing yourself in every possible way: Postpartum recovery including diet and the role of the new father, intimacy, day to day logistics, adapting to changes.
  4. Practical tips for baby care

Other Topics

    Others: (2 topics ):

  • Video ( 1 hour)
  • Complications and Cesarean Section (90 minute talk with Medical Doctor)
All our 2 day courses cost $175 per couple and include materials, certificate of completion, refreshments and samples from our sponsors.







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Upcoming Courses

Upcoming Group Events. For Private sessions, in person or on skype, contact us

september, 2018

1sep - 8All DayCurso de Preparación al Parto / Childbirth Preparation CourseCosta Rica

24sep - 25sep 248:00 amsep 25Taller para la Capacitación en La Metodología PrevidaCosta Rica

26sep - 27All DayTaller de Certificación Internacional con ICEACosta Rica

A baby is coming. Now what to do? What must we know to insure our baby´s well being we wonder. What if we do wrong, what if we do nothing when we should have done something, how can we live with this responsibility, we ask.

Someone please guide us and tell us what we must do to be good parents to our child. Who can help us know better and make the right choices. Who?

Dear Future Parents…that WHO, is YOU. YOUR intuition will guide you, you just have to believe.